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Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

If you want to get a handle on powerful marketing for small businesses, you need to keep up with emerging trends and strategies. Knowing the techniques to tap into now, as well as what’s right around the corner, will put you in the best position to compete. Here are four tips you need to know for successful marketing in 2017.

1. Create expert-level content.
Content is one of the best ways to make you stand out as an expert in your field. Always remember that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to content. Shorter blog posts or an infrequent posting schedule is better than long-form articles and daily posts if it means you won’t have to sacrifice quality. The number of keywords you squeeze into a blog post will only take you so far. You have to give your audience content that they value in order to keep their interest and gain their trust.

2. Don’t ignore mobile marketing.
Hopefully, mobile marketing has been part of your strategy for a while now. In 2017, brands are now focusing on mobile-only marketing, like text messages – according to Forbes, 98% of text messages are opened by mobile device owners. You may also want to put extra effort into social media channels that are used strictly on mobile, like Instagram or Snapchat.

3. Put effort into your visual strategies.
According to Facebook, 100 million hours of video were viewed per day in 2016. Find some way to add video to your marketing strategy, either through designing branded videos, live streaming events or sharing videos of your customers using your product. Don’t forget about graphics, either – they’re still a major component of marketing for small businesses! To encourage users to engage with your images and make them stand out from overloaded social feeds, you’ll want only the highest quality imagery. Hire a professional photographer who specializes in your niche.

4. Specify your ad targets.
Facebook makes it possible to create highly personalized ads. For example, if you run a B2B company, you may want to target a well-defined sector of professionals who are likely to be interested in your product or service. With Facebook ads, you can set the demographics to reach people who work for a specific company.

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Corporate Photographer in Los Angeles

Hiring a Corporate Photographer in Los Angeles

Ready to move forward with an ad campaign? You’ll need to know what to look for when hiring a corporate photographer.

You’ll want to work with a corporate photographer who can accommodate your needs. For example, will you need to hold the shoot at night? Are kids or animals involved? A professional photographer will be flexible and willing to work within your parameters. They should also be happy to meet with you beforehand for a consultation and then again for a strategy session. This is when you’ll discuss the photographer’s style and decide how to approach the shoot. Additionally, a good photographer will be willing and able to answer any questions you have throughout the process.

Strategy and Input
A professional commercial photographer will be able to listen to your needs as well as provide helpful advice. During your planning session, your photographer may bring up great ideas you hadn’t considered before. You should both approach this as a collaboration in order to get the best results. This is also a good time to look at the photographer’s portfolio and ask questions about how shots were approached. For example, why was a model posed in a certain way or why was a type of lighting used?

Ability to Take Direction
Even though you and your photographer may collaborate when it comes to the direction of the shoot, great photographers also know how to take direction. The campaign is for your business, after all. Clarify whose input the photographer needs to heed so that they don’t end up catering to someone who isn’t actually in charge.

Clear-Cut Digital and Printing Rights
Unless it’s otherwise outlined in your work-for- hire agreement, the photographer will own the images. According to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Acts of 1988, image ownership is given to the person who created the image. However, since you’ll need the digital images, you and your photographer will discuss the specifics. An agreement will be drawn up with details like how long you can use the images for and how you can use them. If you’re going to need prints, talk with your photographer about what’s included in their corporate photography package. By having the photographer print the images either in-house or through a print lab, you’ll get higher quality prints than if you use an express print center.

Law Firm marketing Los Angeles

Law Firm Marketing in Los Angeles

If you’re running a law practice on your own, there’s undoubtedly a lot to juggle. Keeping current clients happy has to regularly be balanced with finding new ones. While word-of-mouth will bring in some new work, you’ll still have to devote time and money to marketing your services. Unfortunately, a lot of lawyers make these two all-too-common marketing mistakes.

1. Promoting a Broad Practice Area Narrowing the practice areas you specialize in will help you to stand out from the competition. Clients want to work with a lawyer who has a ton of experience in a specific niche. This will also help you to target your strategy for attorney marketing in Los Angeles.

2. Starting and Stopping Social Media Marketing Having a neglected, stagnant social media profile is worse than having no social media profile at all. Whatever platforms you use to attract clients - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MailChimp - make sure that you’re updating them regularly and engaging with your audience. If you need quality content, consider legal video production services or a legal photographer Los Angeles.

When you’re ready to move forward with your marketing strategy, it’s tempting to dive in and do everything all at once. However, when it comes to law firm marketing Los Angeles, it’s always better to start slowly. Choose a first step that will make a big impact, get that up and running, then add a second step to the strategy once you’re ready.

Los Angeles Video Production

Los Angeles Video Production

The word "storytelling" gets used a lot in all types of marketing, including video production in Los Angeles. What does it really mean, though? And why is it important for your video?

Storytelling is exactly what it sounds like: telling a story. In marketing and videography in Los Angeles, it’s about getting your message to your audience in a way that will make them listen to it and remember it. Instead of simply broadcasting statistics, facts and marketing messages, storytelling uses a narrative approach.

Today’s audiences love video content. When a Los Angeles video production company uses storytelling in their media, the goal is to deliver an interesting message to people in a way that they prefer to receive information. Video is also easy to share, increasing the likelihood that your audience members will pass your video along to their friends and family or post it on their social media accounts.

Video production begins with an idea. The story comes first and execution follows. It’s the story that will guide the videographer, helping them decide which equipment they’ll need, where to shoot and how to edit the film.

Your Los Angeles videographer will flesh out an idea to discover the subtleties and meanings behind it. Those nuances will be used to tell your story while narrowing its focus. Though special effects may enhance a video, they’ll never be a replacement for solid storytelling. A compelling storyline is the cornerstone of any successful video.

Los Angeles Web Design

Los Angeles Web Design

Your website is the face of your business and the first thing that many of your customers will see. A Los Angeles web design company will make sure you’re putting your best virtual foot forward by steering clear of these three mistakes.

1. Low-quality images.
Every modern website needs graphics or photos. With all of the wonderful stock photography and talented commercial photographers out there, there’s no longer an excuse to have low-quality images on your website. Hire a graphic designer Los Angeles to avoid looking unprofessional.

2. Hidden navigation menu.
Don’t make it difficult for people to get around your website. A clever website that has a minimalist landing page may seem like a great idea, but if your visitor can’t figure out how to find what they need within a few seconds, they’re going to look elsewhere. Your Los Angeles web developer will understand that usability is key.

3. Missing contact information.
Every business needs contact information on their website. However, it’s common for company websites to have missing contact information, even when that information is imperative to their business - customers can’t find a restaurant if they don’t have an address for it! Your web designer in Los Angeles will ensure that contact information is on the bottom of every page.

Your website is extremely important to your business. Unless you’re web design savvy, it’s a good idea to leave this much-needed aspect of your brand to the professionals.

Los Angeles Photographer

Los Angeles Photographer

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what companies truly care about are thousands of revenue dollars. Brands that have high-quality, engaging images have a better chance of making the sale and gaining a lifelong customer.

Here’s how a commercial photographer in Los Angeles can do just that.

1. They have professional photography equipment.
Don’t let the wonderful technology of the latest iPhone fool you - if you want stellar, top notch photos for your brand, you need high-quality photography equipment. Your smartphone may be good enough to snap fun Instagram photos for your company, but when it comes to product images and website graphics, you’ll need a DSLR and Los Angeles photography services.

2. They know how to move fast and capture a shot from multiple angles.
People want to see things from multiple angles, whether its a product or party. Everything from luxury product photography to Los Angeles event photography has to be creatively and carefully executed. When it comes to shooting products, the setup may need to be switched with every angle to adjust for lighting, background and the size of the item.

3. They have fancy photo editing software.
Quality equipment and a solid understanding of photography are necessary for capturing the shot, but in order for a Los Angeles corporate photographer to turn a photo into something brand-worthy, post-processing work is necessary. Pro photographers have software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to get the job done.

Real Estate Photography Los Angeles

Real Estate Photography Los Angeles

Real estate marketing in Los Angeles requires great photos that put the property in the best light possible - both literally and figuratively. Keep these four real estate photography tips in mind if you want to attract the right buyer.

1. Use specialty equipment.
In order to take great property photos, your Los Angeles real estate photographer will likely use a wide angle lens. This will be especially helpful if a small room has to be photographed - a flattering perspective can be captured from one of the room’s corners.

2. Understand lighting.
You won’t always be lucky enough to shoot during the Golden Hour in a room that lets in plenty of natural light. When you have to shoot in dark areas of a home, you’ll want to use an off-camera flash, overhead lighting, lamps or a combination of lighting equipment.

3. Present the home well.
Ideally, real estate photography Los Angeles will be carefully staged. Think of how the buyer would want to see the home presented. If an extensive staging job isn’t possible, still make sure that the furniture is straight and the rooms are uncluttered.

4. Improve photos in post-production.
While you don’t want to present the property in an untrue light, editing can get rid of shadows, fix lighting issues and enhance the property’s appearance.

Don’t rule out real estate video production Los Angeles, either! Video can showcase your property in a way that can’t be captured with a photo.