Law Firm Marketing Los Angeles

It's no longer enough to just have a website. Online marketing for law firms in Los Angeles now requires a responsive website design with SEO in mind and social media marketing plan.

A professional website is still a major part of your digital presence, but it is just one of many ways to reach your target audience. Today, over 60% of all internet connections are made through mobile devices. Your potential law firm customers in Los Angeles area are also spending more time on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. To reach these consumers, you need to have a solid online law firm marketing strategy. That's where DP Studio comes in.

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Whether your law firm has recently opened in Los Angeles area or you have been in business for years, we can help to achieve top rankings in search engine results in highly competitive markets like Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco. We offer an extensive range of services from legal photography and web design to video production and social media management. We will analyze your needs through a comprehensive initial analysis and help you to learn more about how our service can be put to use for you.

Los Angeles Law Firm Photography

Law Firm Video Production

Websites with video are 53% more likely to be ranked first by Google. YouTube is the second largest search engine, and consumers are becoming increasingly conditioned to prefer video as a means of content consumption.

92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. It's the easiest and most efficient way to tell your business story and a professionally produced video can make you look huge.

Los Angeles Law Firm Web Design

Social Media Marketing

Connecting with your clients on a personal level is very important. Our social media experts can create a strategic plan to tie your Law Firm to your audience. We will research, write, post your content so you can just sit back and see the growth. We have a huge experience of helping our clients connect and grow through social channels. From Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to Pintrest and Google Plus, we've got the team and the expertise to manage your social media campaign and deliver immediate results.

Los Angeles Law Firm Photography

Attorney Portraits

The headshots on your website should be as distinctive as the attorneys they represent. Whether you're a small boutique or an international law firm, working with one photography studio achieves a polished look that sends a powerful message to your clients.

We work closely with your team to design a portrait style that reflects your law firm's message. Our photographers travel to all major cities in the United States to provide law firms with professional portraits that have become part of their brand.

Los Angeles Law Firm Web Design

Law Firm Web Design

Whether you simply want to establish a basic Internet page or if your need a Content Management System, it makes no difference to DP Studio, as we will provide the same level of quality and attention to both. We will create a website that will match with the atmosphere of your law firm. In order to grow your business your online presence must rank high in all major search engines so your site must be properly optimized. We will build your website so that it includes the right structure, layout, keywords, navigation and a properly submitted process.